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Alkaline etching

Anodic Coatings as a Base for Paint and Adhesion

Anodic Substrate

Anodizing Castings and Die Castings

Anodizing Cookware

Anodizing Specifications

Anodizing, Brush and Touch-up

Anodizing, Current Density vs. Voltage Method

Anodizing, Hardcoat

Anodizing, Type I (chromic acid)

Anodizing, Type II & Variations

Bath titration and Control

Blistering of the Anodic Coating

Boric – Sulfuric Anodizing


Cleaning, Desmutting and Pre-treatment

Coloring and Dying

Conversion Coatings

DI Water

Laser Marking or “Etching”




Rule of 720 or 312 (metric)



Teflon “Impregnation”

Testing of Anodic Coatings




Published articles by ATI CEO -Larry Chesterfield 

Index Of Articles By Category

The ATI Newsletter Archive Section






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