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Custom Engineered Cooling Systems

Anodizing Technologies, Inc designs and builds


  • Custom designed systems for anodizing tanks, water cooled rectifiers and other processes requiring precise temperature control...


The ability to maintain precise control of the anodizing bath temperature at the full output capacity of the rectifier no matter what the weather is extremely important to successful anodizing of all types.


Temperature Control Systems designed and built by Anodizing Technologies are guaranteed to hold the anodizing bath temperature within plus or minus 2 degrees Fahrenheit of the set point.


Water cooled rectifiers require their own closed loop cooling system that will maintain the circulating cooling water within plus or minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit and always above the ambient dew point. This prevents condensation inside the rectifier.


Contact Anodizing Technologies, Inc. to find out how our precise Temperature Control Systems can benefit your anodizing process and your rectifiers.



Call or email Anodizing Technologies with your requirements 

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