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Anodizing Technologies, Inc. can provide all types of aluminum anodizing and other process systems. We will design and build your anodizing facility to meet the specifications that are required for your products. These may include proprietary specs of aerospace, or other companies, as well as military specifications


Some of these processes are:

Type 1

  • Chromic Acid

  • Boric - Sulfuric Acid

  • Tartaric – Sulfuric Acid

 Type II - Sulfuric Acid systems for

  • Architectural – Clear Anodize and Electrolytic Color

  • Decorative – Clear Anodize, Chemical Brightening and Electro-polish, Dyed finishes

  • Commercial finishes that fall in between architectural and decorative and include all types of aluminum products that need to be anodized

  Type III -  Hardcoat

  • Generally thicker, wear resistant finishes

  Other processes including

  • ​Phosphoric Acid

  • Chemical Conversion Coatings ( “Chem Film”)

  • Passivation of stainless steel alloys

  Some Common Finishing Specifications in North America include:

  • ​​MIL-A-8625 for Types I, II and III aluminum anodizing

  • MIL-C-5541 for chromate conversion coatings (chem film)

  • Phosphoric Acid Anodizing includes specifications from companies such as Boeing (BAC5555), United Technologies, Northrup Grumman and others

  • Boric – Sulfuric Acid anodizing: Boeing (BAC5632)

  • Tartaric – Sulfuric Acid anodizing: Airbus (AIPI 02-01-003)

  • Passivation of stainless steels: ASTM A967, MIL: QQ-P-35

  • Electro-polishing: ASTM B 912



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Aluminum Anodizing Systems

Anodizing Technologies, Inc designs and builds -

Industrial duty, turn-key, anodizing and other process systems

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