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Company Profile



Anodizing Technologies, Inc. has specialized in designing and building turn-key equipment systems for anodizing aluminum and titanium since 1993. Our office and fabricating facilities are located in Indianapolis, IN.


  • All of our processing systems are custom designed and built to meet the exact requirements of your aluminum or titanium finishing


  • Our operations staff have over 85 years of combined hands-on experience in

                Anodizing processing

                Anodizing operations

                Anodizing plant maintenance


  • We have the expert knowledge required to design and build anodizing facilities that work exceptionally well because of our decades in the anodizing business.


Anodizing Technologies, Inc. also provides individual equipment and systems that include, but are not limited to:

  • Precise temperature control of anodizing tanks

  • Processing and storage tanks

  • Waste water treatment systems

  • Exhaust ventilation and fume scrubber systems

  • Pumps and chillers

  • Process heating equipment

  • Anodizing rectifiers

  • Air Agitation

  • And more


Anodizing Technologies, Inc. can assist you in:

  • Facility planning

  • Process specifications

  • Developing, implementing and managing your anodizing project


Anodizing Technologies, Inc. provides technical consulting in the areas of:


  • Production and process troubleshooting

  • Equipment and systems evaluation and problem solving

  • Racking and masking

  • Process development and control

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