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Anodizing Technologies, Inc designs and builds -


The anodizing process can be hard on equipment. Worn out equipment can result in down time. Down time results in lost production and increased maintenance. Anodizing Technologies can help you solve those problems by providing the individual pieces of equipment and equipment systems to bring your anodizing performance back to where it needs to be.


The equipment and services we provide include:


Evaluation, Design and Build Services

  • Equipment and system redesign and build

  • Expert anodizing process evaluation and troubleshooting

  • System and equipment designs to help reduce short term and long term maintenance requirements


Equipment  Systems:      

  • Process cooling or heating systems

  • Waste water treatment

  • Air agitation

  • Recirculating deionized water rinse systems

  • Crane systems, automated or manual

  • And much more



Individual Equipment

• Rectifiers                                              •Custom Fabricated Cathodes

• Chillers                                                 • Anodizing Load Bars

• Pumps                                                  • Load Bar Dollies                  

• Process Tanks                                      • Water Pretreatment Equipment        

• Storage Tanks                                      • Buss bar and bus cable



Call or email Anodizing Technologies with your requirements 

Individual Equipment & Systems

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