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Project Management & Technical Consulting

Project Management


Anodizing Technologies, Inc. will expertly manage the equipment design, build, installation and start-up of your project.


  • We have the Project Planning, Project Development and Management experience to:


    Assist you in planning specifying, developing and implementing your project to

  • Upgrade existing anodizing and other metal finishing facilities

  • Start you in the anodizing business for the first time


Anodizing Technologies, Inc. will manage your project from initial concepts to start-up by providing expertise in:


  • Planning

  • Layout

  • Processes and process control

  • Equipment requirements and budgeting

  • Equipment and systems design

  • Start-up

  • Training

Technical Consulting


If you are having problems with your anodizing facility, or if you are simply interested in optimizing the anodizing plant or processes, Anodizing Technologies, Inc. offers expert, hands-on, technical assistance to help you solve those problems. Our experts have over 85 years of combined experience in metal finishing operations, management and equipment maintenance.


  • Call Us so we can help get you on the road to producing high quality anodized finishes and improved equipment performance. Tel: (317) 253-5725

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