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" Straight Talk  From Bill "  Post #1

 If the parts aren't racked right, don't bother to run them

One of the most frustrating things on the line when you’re running a load is to have parts falling off the racks going though the process.  Here a few pointers:

•    Take the time to make sure that the parts are racked the correct way. Parts should be secure to the rack and the racks clamped or bolted tightly to the load bar.

•    Make sure that there is enough spacing between parts, enough spacing between racks and enough spacing between the racks and the tank.  In other words, don’t overload the racks and use uniform spacing.

•    Always try to rack "blind holes" down.  When the blind holes are pointing up they can carry solution from one tank to another.  This can cause problems for the parts and possibly contaminate the other tanks over time. You can "flush out" the holes with air, or a water hose, but it's a messy process.

•    If parts are loose on the rack they can lose electrical contact and stop anodizing. Then they would have to be stripped and re-anodized.  This is a waste of time and money.

It’s so important.  If the parts aren't racked right don't bother to run them!

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