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" Larry's Tech Corner "   Post #1

About “Tech Corner”

The purpose of “Larry’s Technical Corner” is to write about technical anodizing topics in a very concise and explicit manner.  The point is to provide important technical information about aluminum anodizing with lots of facts in as few words as possible.  Much of the contents of “Tech Corner” are highly edited articles I have written for the Anodizing Clinic in Products Finishing magazine since 1999.  Many of the topics covered in Tech Corner can be found in full by visiting the magazine (  ) or by going to the Media 

Page of our website and search the index for the current topic or a topic of interest.

I encourage anyone with questions and/or comments about the Tech Corner topics to write to me through the website.  This can be done by going to the Contact Us page and using the form provided.  


Larry Chesterfield

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