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" Larry's Tech Corner "   Post #3

Anodizing Bath Temperature Control Modules

Keep Your Bath Temperature “Under Control”


The weak point of many existing anodizing systems is the lack of precise control of the anodizing bath temperature.  Cooling systems that cannot maintain the bath temperature within the desired limits under peak load conditions (rectifier output KW and hot summer afternoons) risk an out-of-control anodizing process. 

There are a number of ways to design a cooling system for an anodizing tank.  I have found that pumping the anodizing bath electrolyte through an external heat exchanger is by far the most effective and efficient method of maintaining an even temperature throughout the bath at all times, even under full heat load on hot days.

The external heat exchanger removes the cooling coil from the anodizing tank, assuring that there will be no problem with either chemical or electrolytic corrosion of the cooling coil.  It also prevents the possibility of refrigerant, or chilled water/glycol, from leaking into the bath when the inevitable hole appears in the coil.  With an external heat exchanger it is possible to control the flow of the cooling medium, either chilled water or cold glycol, to provide very precise bath temperature control within a tight range, usually plus or minus 2 degrees of the set point.  Any leaks that might occur from time to time would be outside the tank and much easier to deal with.  It also protects the anodizing bath from dilution and contamination. 

Anodizing Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and building of anodizing bath temperature control systems (TCMs).  Our systems are built as compact modules which contain bath solution pumps, basket strainers, filters, heat exchanger and control valves.  The modules are pre-piped and are built within a secondary containment basin.  The systems are packaged for shipment and only minor assembly is required at your job site.  Connect the TCM to your anodizing bath and chiller water source, connect the electrical controls and the system is ready to run.  We guarantee the performance of our TCMs to keep the bath temperature “under control”.  Remember, the temperature of your process bath is either “under control” or “out of control”.  There is no in-between.

Larry Chesterfield

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