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Anodizing Technologies, Inc. can provide anodizing systems for Type 2 titanium anodizing (AMS 2488) and Color Anodizing.


Titanium Anodizing


Type 2 titanium anodizing produces relatively thick anodic coatings on titanium.  Typical

properties of this transparent, metallic oxide coating are:

  • Increased wear resistance

  • Better corrosion resistance

  • Anti-galling and lubricating properties


Uses of Type 2 anodized titanium include aerospace parts and medical implants.





Selected colors achievable through anodization of titanium



Color titanium anodizing  produces a very thin anodic layer which imparts a spectrum of colors to the parts. The color formed is dependent on the thickness of the oxide (which is determined by the anodizing voltage); it is caused by the interference of light reflecting off the oxide surface with light traveling through it and reflecting off the underlying metal surface.


Please Contact Us regarding your titanium anodizing equipment requirements.


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Titanium Anodizing Systems

Anodizing Technologies, Inc designs and builds -

Turn-key titanium anodizing systems

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